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“No Charge Leak Policy”

We provide a leak repair service where we do not charge for the service until the leak is resolved or proven to be a non-roof related leak. If we cannot resolve your leak issue, our services will be at No Cost to you.

Today so many roofing contractors send out the bill faster than they send the repair crew. At Mid-Ohio Roofing, Inc. we will not bill for your repair until we know the leak is resolved. We will provide photo documentation of all repairs and we will stay in contact on the performance of our repairs and bill once we know the repair is effective.

We do have some exclusions to our policy and they include but are not limited to: Repairs to obvious damage such as a puncture, repairs to caulk or pitch pockets and repairs performed on an aggregate (a typical aggregate would be stone) covered roof.

As a function of our leak repairs, we include the removal of all debris from roof drains (excludes gutters) in and around affected area

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