Mid-Ohio Roofing, Inc.


Mid-Ohio Roofing, Inc. is located in Bellville, Ohio and provides Commercial and Industrial Roofing Solutions to the Central Ohio Area as well as the Columbus and Cleveland areas.


How do I know if I need a new roof?


We provide free diagnostic roof examinations where we come on site and do a full analysis of the roof and its performance. It is photo documented and analyzed. The information is put into a full report for your review and we schedule a meeting. In this meeting we will spell out existing conditions, points of required maintenance, potential options to extend existing roof life and long-term expectations.


I just paid to have my roof repaired and it is still leaking what do I do?


Contact us to review conditions. We will not charge for our service unless the leak stops*.

*Stone ballast roofs, thread bare roof and repairs made to obvious issues (i.e. a puncture in the roof) are billable.


Why are new roofs so expensive?


Roofing companies are just like any other company; they make money off of mark up. If they can tear your whole roof off and install a new roof the mark up is greater. At Mid-Ohio Roofing, Inc. we look for ways to reduce cost, but not at the expense of performance. How do we do this? One way is to recommend third party thermal scans of your roof. This allows us to see just how much of the existing actually contains moisture. In most cases we can remove this cancerous area only and save the customer thousands of dollars. In the past ten years we have saved over $1,000,000.00 in full roof tear offs. Do we make as much money? No, but we create relationships and thru relationships we build business.

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