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Diagnostic Roof Exam

Why a diagnostic roof exam and not just a free quote?

We find when contractors give free quotes all they are really doing is going from site to site to push out as many quotes as possible and hope to win 50-60% of them on a good day. It seems the main goal is to hit a quota for the number of quotes performed in a certain amount of time. At Mid-Ohio Roofing, Inc. we would rather take the time to understand the needs of the customer and educate the customer on what the best options are to fit that need.

In our diagnostic roof exam we are looking for a number of items; number of existing roof systems already installed, type of insulation and what the current R value is in the roof system, potential contributing reasons as to why the roof is failing outside of just life expectancy and are there any structural issues that are contributing the failure of the roof system.

It is because of this attention to detail and extra effort we create educated customers and build relationships!

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