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In today's world of ever tightening fiscal budgets roof issues tend to get pushed back until they can no longer be ignored. We have found through educating our customers on low cost preventative maintenance we can extend the life of current roof systems thus providing more serviceable years before a layover or roof replacement is necessary.

It has become an industry standard of roof system manufacturer's to require routine maintenance on a roof system to maintain their warranty. It is a false belief among owners that "I just put a 20 year roof on my building I will deal with the roof again in 20 years". The manufacturers know that there are weak points in even new systems that will fail before twenty years and those weak points are excluded from warranty and must be maintained. For example caulk and pitch pockets fall under this criteria.

Other items not covered under a manufacturer's warranty are failures due to punctures. Or water infiltration due to clogged roof drains or gutters. Every fall, trees lose their leaves and they fall on a roof. If those leaves do not break down quickly they collect in gutters and roof drains blocking positive water flow and creating havoc on roof systems.

Routine maintenance includes inspecting for punctures, premature seam failures, caulk replacement, re-fill pitch pockets, removal of debris that blocks water flow and miscellaneous other items.

Sample Maintenance Agreement

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Low slope roof systems are susceptible to expansion and contraction, severe weathering (i.e. high winds, hail, and ice dams), heavy foot traffic, and even abuse; all of which can shorten the life span of a roof system. Through regularly scheduled maintenance, the life expectancy of a roof system can be maintained and in some cases even extended beyond its normal life cycle.

Did you purchase a manufacturer's warranty? Did you know that no roofing manufacturer warrants caulking and pitch pockets? These are maintenance items. Nearly all roofing manufacturers require regular maintenance to keep their roof warranties binding. This means that you, the building owner, are responsible for the maintenance and proper care to insure your roof systems top performance.

Typically, the largest cost of a new roof system is the insulation board under the roofing membrane. Once the insulation is wet, it has to be replaced during a re-roofing project. Be proactive; don't let that small leak cost thousands of dollars down the road. Mid-Ohio Roofing's goal is to ensure top performance of your existing roof system, whether we installed the roof or not!

Services Include:
  • Clean all roof drains, overflow drains, scupper drains, gutters, and grates to ensure proper drainage of rain water and snow melt.
  • Check the compression rings of the drains for a proper seal.
  • Clean the entire roof surface from all foreign objects and debris to reduce the risks of punctures and/or drain stoppages.
  • Inspect all field seams, roof curbs, pipes, pitch pockets, and any other roof penetrations for water-tight seals.
  • Inspect all coping caps, termination bars, counter flashings, and any other sheet metal flashings for proper securement and water-tight seals.
  • Visually inspect that all HVAC units' access doors are secured, and all condensation lines are free flowing.
  • Inspect and verify all roof access ladders, doors, and hatches are operational.
  • Include a photo documented report of any findings of additional maintenance work needed above and beyond this standard maintenance agreement.
  • Provide an ARLE assessment. (Anticipated Roof Life Expectancy)
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